Multi-Zonal Service Symposium  
PO Box 700192  - Dallas, TX 75370

  • The Multi-Zonal Service Symposium Workgroup was created in February 2013 at the Plains States Zonal Forum business meeting.  Those members, along with members from the Southern Zone, were tasked to investigate what would be needed for a multi-zonal service learning conference.
  • Over the years, members and all types of service bodies have experienced benefits from participating in workshop weekends, such as NAWS Worldwide Workshops, Western Service Learning Days, the Florida Service Symposium, as well as countless workshops held on a smaller scale by zones, regions, areas, and groups.
  • NA currently does not have a weekend event of this type and scale anywhere in the middle section of the United States.
  • Having a service symposium closer to home would enable more recovering addicts an opportunity to attend and benefit from this type of event.
  • A proposal was presented to 25 Regions in the middle United States in June 2013.
  • The proposal passed in November 2013 with over 90 % approving the workgroup's proposal.