Multi-Zonal Service Symposium  
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This was a valuable event. I’m glad I attended.







I received all the information that I needed before the event.







I learned important skills that will help me carry our message better.







The event was well managed.














I was funded to attend the 2016 Multi Zonal Service Symposium of NA.







What was your favorite workshop, and why?

·   Report writing & funny meeting names.

·   Info about rural areas, out reach, and how to give support to these areas and meetings

·   How to Plan A PR Presentation,  the presenters were on fire for what they were doing, and giving  precise information, learned a lot Using Technology for service!!!

·   The newcomer workshop.  I enjoyed hearing how others try to make the newcomer feel welcome and get involved. Loved the brainstorming and sharing of information.

·   I really enjoyed learning more about social media and I loved learning how Plains States puts together a professional workshop

·   The Saturday Night workshop with the Skype meeting with Brazil member.

·   WSC moving forward

·   Future of WSC - Hearing a completely different idea that was very well-explained and makes sense.

·   How to do a PR presentation. It spelled out timelines and what was needed leading up to an event.

·   It's hard to single out one, they all great.

·   GSR one.I really wanted to know what more/supposed to do in that position . World Service sparked my interest greatly.Im powered me that millions of ppl are recovering all over world like me

·   How to plan a PR presentation: I found this very helpful, and will be bringing all this info back to my region

·   I really couldn't pick a favorite, there were several. Louis's AI is one I'm going to try in our region at some point. The PR session at the beginning was great. I also got a lot from listening to phoneline from your website and look forward to listening to more.

·   H&I, I love doing H&I.

·   Why do we do service work writing exercise.

·   SSP - extremely organized,  facilators did an excellent job! It's so important to be a service area not just a business meeting.   PR Presentation - We must be able to property represent NA to our communities.... Medical field, court systems & the public in general

·   Future of the WSC because we finally got to hear the whole plan laid out by ABCD region's former delegate.

·   Louis H. 's  workshop

·   Public Relations, It is what I do ppj

·   "A New Vision for the WSLD - ABCD Region - Made complete sense and was ""conceptually"" sound"

·   Effective report writing was very helpful to me as an RCM in the Columbus Area

·   It's a TIE between:- Planning a PR Presentation  Phonelines Both SO valuable.

·   The two (2) IDT workshops by S

·   H&I Beyond the Basics It g ave me a chance to see the many ways that our message is being carrier

·   "NAWS update, I was not at WSC 2016 to see it #2 was ""future of the WSC""? new ways to conduct business at the WSC are worth talkin about. Should be a Multi-Regional ""proposal"""

·   "NAWS update, I was not at WSC 2016 to see it #2 was ""future of the WSC""? new ways to conduct business at the WSC are worth talking about. Should be a Multi-Regional ""proposal"""

·   FD/PR because it included practical examples from zones that are doing this work and gave us time to imagine and/or plan applications closer to home.

·   I have to pick 2!!!! Service System Project & How to plan a Public Relations Presentation. We need improvement in both areas of service in our region & area. I'm so excited & can't wait to share!

·   To be honest, I just don't know. I feel I'm a bit jaded, having been to multiple events like this, and I need to re-examine my focus when attending these events. Mostly I was there to hang out with friends.

·   I could not possibly narrow down one. All workshops that I attended were amazing. I attended the PR Presentation for Professionals, Effective Report Writing, GSR/RCM training, and The Importance of Mentorship and Continuity on Friday.  On Saturday, I attended Applying our Principles to Technology & Social Media, Appreciative Inquiry: A Positive Approach to Improving Service, and Facilitation Basics. I would 100% recommend any of these workshops and presenters for future events and attendees.

·   Appreciative Inquiry. It's a great model for us, because of the 1-on-1 connectedness that we all embrace. A really good thing to bring into our service efforts.

·   I can't choose! Everything I went to was extremely useful.

·   Effective report writing. I thought it had amazing facilitators who made sure everyone was able to understand the importance of reporting in a way I had never thought of before.

·   Diversity, H & I. Learned about the service of NA on a level you don't see or hear.

·   I really enjoyed the H&I and Beyond workshop. Using Zoom & hearing from members about what is going on in their backyards was great. I enjoyed the dialogue. The dialogue was also uplifting in the Diversity Roundtable !!!


Please add any additional comments or suggestions for improvement.

·     More huggers

·     the program on the back of the badge was small and hard to read. Maybee a larger Badge would work!

·     There were a couple of times I wished I could go to both the presentation topics that were going on at the same time. Overall I had a great time and it was a wonderful learning experience.  Look forward to next time!


·     It was all very well planned. Thanks to the programming committee for inviting to be one of the presenters on the phoneline workshop!

·     """How To"" and ""Best Practices"" workshops are valuable beyond all others"

·     It would be helpful if each workshop posted handouts or instructions for how to do the workshops in our own areas/groups.

·     I will be back. I thought it had lots a useful information.

·     It was hard to decide which workshop to attend.

·     fantastic event!

·     Very amazing job!

·     Wished the vender did their job and had the coffee cups.

·     None. Thank you all for your hard work and commitment to this fellowship.

·     Great job!!!!

·     Get the schedule out sooner.

·     Great Job

·     I think this event was great and if there were any kinks they were well managed

·     More signs showing the layout of the event rooms and what's where.

·     Please never print the program schedule on the registration badge again. Impossible to read!

·     Get rid of the program on the badge/lanyard, way too small print for most of us. Have more paper ones available.

·     Get rid of the program on the badge/lanyard, way too small print for most of us. Have more paper ones available.

·     I really liked the small group discussions that were part of several workshops. I kind of wished the pajama roundtable topics were a little more light and fun. I don't do my best thinking that time of day.

·     Absolutely loved the idea of home groups adopting literature racks!!!!

·     "I attended the Pajama Roundtable on Zonal Public Relations on Saturday night and while it was cool to have members from Brazil skyped in, that felt like more of a regular workshop than a ""Pajama Roundtable."" Although nobody ever told me what a pajama roundtable is or should be, but I guess I think it should be much looser than what that one was.  And this isn't a suggestion or anything, and I understand there's really no solution to this, but I don't like having to choose between workshops and I'd like to somehow get to all of them :) "

·     The only issue I had was at the Mentorship workshop, one of the presenters dominated the conversation with off-topic stories. There were no solutions. Thankfully I was able to meet up with the other presenter on Saturday and get some one-on-one solution discussion. All in all, amazing weekend. Thank you, guys!

·     It seemed like a couple workshops should have had paper/pen that didn't.

·     Fantastic work. Can't wait to get involved next time!

·     Bigger print on the back of our name tags.  I enjoyed getting to know the world board members in a relaxed atmosphere.  The work put into this was absolutely amazing.  I  would like to see more information about the results others are getting from h and I and PI.  Maybe having a way to talk more about the struggles of the NA program around the world and how we can get more people informed on their struggles and become more helpful to them as fellow addicts.

·     None


·     None at this time