Multi-Zonal Service Symposium  
PO Box 700192  - Dallas, TX 75370

Your registration to the symposium gives you access to all the workshops that you see here.  Meals are extra. There is no need to register for the individual workshops in advance.  You can just show up and have a seat. You're welcome to attend any workshop that interests you. 



Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Thursday - September 22, 2016

8:30 PM  9:30 PM   Recovery Meeting

Friday - September 23, 2016

7:00 AM 

8:00 AM 

 Recovery Meeting

9:00 AM 

12:00 PM 

 Narcotics Anonymous: A Vital Resource in Our Community

12:15 PM 

1:15 PM 

 Women in Service Luncheon

 Men In Service Luncheon


1:45 PM 

3:00 PM 

 Effective Report Writing

 How to Plan a Public Relations  Presentation

 Convention & Events Best Practices

3:15 PM 

4:30 PM 

 Unifying Communications

 Atmosphere of Recovery in  Service (new IDT)

 Group Service Representative (GSR) &  Regional Committee Member (RCM) Training

4:45 PM 

5:45 PM 

 Navigating na.org

 Service System Project Update

 Public Relations Basic Tools

5:45 PM 

7:45 PM 

 Dinner Break

7:45 PM 

8:30 PM 

 Sharing the Miracle

8:45 PM 

10:00 PM 

 Ripples from MZSS 2014

10:30 PM 

11:45 PM 

 Pajama Roundtable: Outreach to  Rural & Underserved Communities

 Pajama Roundtable: Importance  of Mentorship & Continuity

 Pajama RoundTable: The Only Requirement

 Saturday - September 24, 2016

7:00 AM 

8:00 AM 

 Recovery Meeting

8:15 AM 

9:45 AM 

 NA World Services Update

10:00 AM 

11:30 AM 

 Applying Our Principles to  Technology & Social Media (new  IDT) 

 A Plan is a Path: Constructing the  Road to Our Vision


11:30 AM 

1:00 PM 


1:15 PM 

2:30 PM 

Website 101

 Hospitals & Institutions Basics

 Appreciative Inquiry: A Positive Approach to  Improving Services


2:45 PM 

4:00 PM 

Phonelines: Success & Obstacles at Regional and Area Levels

Experiences in H&I Beyond the Basics

4:15 PM 

5:45 PM 

Using Technology to Further Our Service Efforts

Future World Service Structure

 Facilitation Basics

6:30 PM 

7:30 PM 


8:00 PM 

9:30 PM 

Main Speaker Meeting - Speaker Panel From All Three Zones

10:00 PM 

11:30 PM 

Pajama RoundTable: Disruptive Behavior

Pajama RoundTable: Successes of Reaching Out to Newcomers

Pajama RoundTable: Zonal Public Relations & Fellowship Development Efforts

 Sunday - September 25, 2016 

7:00 AM 

8:00 AM 

Recovery Meeting

8:30 PM 

10:00 AM 

More Uses of Technology to Further Our Service Efforts  Propositioned Doing PR and Other Great Stories of NA Service Collaboration Between Areas and/or Regions 

10:15 AM 

11:00 AM 

Share the Miracle: Beyond MZSS

11:00 AM 


 Southern Zonal Meeting