The Multi-Zonal Service Symposium offers an opportunity for the exchange of experience, strength, and hope between members of NA service. This event, with its broad diversity of our Fellowship, fosters the magic of service that happens when members gather from greater distances to share best practices in serving the suffering addict and fulfilling our primary purpose.

Through NA zones working together in a spirit of unity and cooperation to support the groups in carrying our message of recovery, the symposium’s purpose is to inspire and instill in participants the joy of service by mentoring and learning collaboration.

The MZSS maintains an archive of all past workshops that are freely available to all members of Narcotics Anonymous. All files are not available at this time as this site is being updating and rebuilt. Look back here for updates to this site as minutes, audio files and workshop files are added to the site.

The Next MZSS is October 1 thru the 4, 2026 in Wichita Kansas.

Next Main Workgroup Meeting

The next Main Workgroup for Multi Zonal Service Symposium 2026 is June 19, 2024 at 6:30 central daylight time. The next Multi Zonal Service Symposium is in the Plains States Zonal Forum. Nominations for trusted servant positions will take place. Open positions are Co-Facilitator, Co-Treasurer, Recorder, Registration Coordinator, Merchandise Coordinator, Arts and Graphics Coordinator, Host Coordinator, Technology Coordinator, & PR to Professionals Coordinator. Come be a part of this exciting service opportunity. All meeting occur online using the zoom platform. The Meeting ID is 893 0694 9518 and the passcode is 1953.

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