All workshop files and audio recordings from past symposiums are available for download. Clicking on the workshop title link will provide a synopsis of the workshop. *Not every workshop has both document and audio archives.

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Workshop Files Audio Stream
Advanced Websites – What Else Can They Do?
Business Matters – 501c3, Insurance, RSO
CBDM – A Simple “How To Do It”
Consolidating To A Regional Phoneline
Creating An Interactive Workshop
Designing Flyers & Newsletters – Communicating More Effectively
Effective Facilitation And Team Building
Expressing Our Gratitude – Why We Serve (A Writing Workshop)
Fellowship Development – What Is It?
Financial Planning Basics For Groups, Areas & Regions
Finding My Niche…What Can I Do?
Getting Out Of The Box – Communicating And Collaborating In New Ways
Main Speaker Meeting
NA World Services Update
NAWS Workshop – Welcoming All Members
Outreach – Connecting & Providing Long Distance Support
P3 – Getting Basic Texts To Inmates
Pajama Roundtable – Inspiring Our Young People To Serve
Pajama Roundtable – Service Motivators: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Pajama Roundtable – There’s 4 Sides Of Our Foundation? Personal Care While In Service
Pajama Roundtable – Zones: What Are They Now & What Could They Become?
Planning A PR Presentation Or Learning Day
PR – What Is It, And What About H&I?
Reporting Tips For GSRs, RCMs And RDs
Sponsorship Behind The Walls
SSP Flexibility – How We Work It Admin Options
Tradition 11 In The Era Of Internet & Social Media
Websites 101
What Is The BMLT? What Do You Do With It?
Workshop Files Audio Stream
A Plan is a Path: Constructing the Road to Our Vision
Appreciative Inquiry: A Positive Approach to Improving Services
Atmosphere of Recovery in Service
Collaboration Between Areas and/or Regions
Convention & Events Best Practices
Effective Report Writing
Experiences in H&I Beyond the Basics
Experiences in H&I Beyond the Basics
Facilitation Basics
Future World Service Conference Structure
Group Service Representative (GSR) & Regional Committee Member (RCM) Training
Hospitals & Institutions Basics
More Uses of Technology to Further Our Service Efforts
NA World Services Update
Navigating NA.ORG
Pajama Roundtable: Importance of Mentorship & Continuity
Pajama Roundtable: Outreach to Rural & Underserved Communities
Pajama RoundTable: Successes of Reaching Out to Newcomers
Pajama Roundtable: The Only Requirement
Pajama Roundtable: Zonal Public Relations & Fellowship Development Efforts
Phonelines: Successes & Obstacles at Regional and Area Levels
Public Relations Basic Tools
Ripples from MZSS 2014
Service System Project Update
Share the Miracle: Beyond MZSS
Sharing the Miracle
Social Media IDT
Unifying Communications
Using Technology to Further Our Service Efforts
Websites 101
Workshop Files Audio Stream
0 To 694 – One Areas Experience With P3 And H&I
Building Strong Home Groups
Carrying The NA Message And Making NA Attractive
Drug Replacement Therapy (DRT) and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) as it Relates to NA (New IDT)
How To Build A Nationwide Helpline
How To Plan A PR Presentation
How We Choose Our Trusted Servants
Making Sh*t Happen Through Virtual Workgroup Communications
Men In Service Luncheon
Mentorship & Continuity
NAWS Update
PR Basics And Beyone
Recovery Meeting: Speakers from Around the Zones
Serving NA In Rural And Isolated Communities
So You Want To Be A Treasurer
Social Media Roundtable
Spiritual Principal A Day Book Project
Sponsorship Behind The Walls
The Most Awesome NA Event I Ever Attended Was …!
Website 101
Women In Service Luncheon
WSC Progress
You Have Completed An Inventory, What’s Next
Young In NA
Zonal Discussion – What Can We Do Together That We Cannot Do Alone?