Start End Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
7:00 AM 8:00 AM Recovery Meeting
9:00 AM 12:00 PM Introduction and NA Presentation to Professionals
12:15 PM 1:45 PM Women in Service Luncheon
(2-3 speakers)
Men In Service Luncheon
(2-3 speakers)
2:00 PM 3:30 PM NAWS Update Business Matters – 501c3, Insurance, RSO Tradition 11 in the Era of Internet and Social Media
3:45 PM 5:00 PM Creating an Interactive Workshop Financial Planning Basics for Groups, Areas and Regions Websites 101
5:15 PM 6:00 PM Expressing Our Gratitude – Why We Serve (A Writing Workshop)
6:00 PM 8:00 PM Dinner Break
8:00 PM 10:00 PM NA History Presentation
10:00 PM 11:30 PM Coffee Shop
Networking & Fellowship
Pajama Roundtable –
Service Motivators: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
Pajama Roundtable – Inspiring Our Young People to Serve
12:00 AM 1:00 AM Recovery Meeting
7:00 AM 8:00 AM Recovery Meeting
8:00 AM 9:15 AM Sponsorship Behind the Walls Planning a PR Presentation or Learning Day Outreach – Connecting and Providing Long Distance Support
9:30 AM 11:00 AM SSP Flexibility – How We Work It PR – What Is It? & What About H&I? Advanced Websites –
What Else Can They Do?
11:15 AM 12:15 PM P3 — Getting Basic Texts to Inmates Designing Flyers & Newsletters – Communicating More Effectively Navigating
12:15 PM 1:45 PM Lunch
1:45 PM 3:15 PM NAWS Workshop: Welcoming All Members CBDM – A Simple “How To Do It” What Is The BMLT?
What Do You Do With It?
3:30 PM 5:00 PM Fellowship Development –
What Is It?
Effective Facilitation and Team Building Consolidating to a Regional Phoneline
5:15 PM 6:15 PM Reporting Tips For GSRs, RCMs And RDs Finding My Niche… What Can I Do?
6:30 PM 8:00 PM Banquet
8:00 PM 9:30 PM Main Speaker Meeting – Speaker Panel From All Three Zones
10:00 PM 11:30 PM Coffee Shop Networking & Fellowship Pajama Roundtable – Zones: What Are They Now & What Could They Become? Pajama Roundtable – There's 4 Sides Of Our Foundation?
Personal Care while in Service
12:00 AM 1:00 AM Recovery Meeting
7:00 AM 8:00 AM Recovery Meeting
8:30 AM 10:00 AM Getting Out of the Box – Communicating and Collaborating in New Ways
10:30 AM ? Southern Zone Midwest Zone Plain States Zone

Response Count by Day

Day Date Responses
Saturday 27-Sep 2
Sunday 28-Sep 22
Monday 29-Sep 26
Tuesday 30-Sep 9
Wednesday 1-Oct 13
Thursday 2-Oct 23
Friday 3-Oct 0

Q1. This was a valuable event. I’m glad I attended

Answer Choices Responses
Strongly Agree 91% 88
Agree 9% 9
Neutral 0% 0
Disagree 0% 0
Strongly Disagree 0% 0
Total 97

Q2. I received all the information that I needed before the event

Answer Choices Responses
Strongly Agree 62% 61
Agree 30% 29
Neutral 6% 6
Disagree 2% 2
Strongly Disagree 0% 0
Total 98

Q3. I learned important skills that will help me carry our message better

Answer Choices Responses
Strongly Agree 73% 71
Agree 26% 25
Neutral 1% 1
Disagree 0% 0
Strongly Disagree 0% 0
Total 97

Q4. The event was well managed.

Answer Choices Responses
Strongly Agree 81% 78
Agree 18% 17
Neutral 1% 1
Disagree 0% 0
Strongly Disagree 0% 0
Total 96

Q5. Should we have another Multi-Zonal Service Symposium?

Answer Choices Responses
Please make this an annual event 38% 37
Every two years would be a good idea 62% 61
No. Not really 0
Total 98

Q6. If there is one, I am interested in helping out on the next MZSSNA Work Group. Here’s my name and email address.

(55 responses)

Q7. The event was well managed.

Answer Choices Responses
Strongly Agree 86% 82
Agree 9% 9
Neutral 5% 5
Disagree 0% 0
Strongly Disagree 0% 0
Total 96

Q8. What was your favorite workshop, and why?

  • Fellowship Development. the interactive aspect of other regions across the globe
  • Jeff Robbins’ PR workshop – very useful information to take back home.
  • The PR workshop. I was amazed at the high attendance of professionals. The information was conveyed very well and the “hot button issues” were handled appropriately as well.
  • History because I am so interested in where we came from
  • Introduction and NA Presentation to Professionals Partly because I got asked to present however it also put me back in touch with local service after serving at the world level for the past twelve years. It was great to see the professionals show up and be able to interact with them.
  • Almost every workshop & round table that I attended was of an extremely high caliber. There were many workshops that I wanted to attend but missed, so I’m extremely excited for their future availability on the MZSS website! Of the workshops & round-tables I was able to attend, I particularly enjoyed: Effective Facilitation & Team Building, SSP Flexibility, The NA History Presentation (Not really a workshop, but the half I saw was pretty F’ing cool.)
  • advanced web page, It gave info about content management systems that will be helpful
  • How to Navigate the NA website. I never realized how much of what is available, that I was missing.
  • Can’t remember the name but it was on Sat afternoon and we broke into small groups and discussed how we could not be judgmental and stop judging others’ desire to stay clean. Then we watched an awesome video about how NA has grown and is all over the world. I was moved by this!!!
  • Presentation on the P3 program as my Region has been trying to come up with some system to better supply inmates with literature. Also, the Facilitation workshop. Great presentation with wonderful information and tips!
  • Tradition 11 in the Era of Internet and Social Media it was mine. I took away some good info from the phone line workshop, but it was not well organized in its presentation. (just my opinion Barry)
  • The SSP because it provided direct insight into the challenges and possible solutions to introducing and maintaining it.
  • The NAWS Welcoming all Members workshop. Because it was interactive and reminded me about how passionate I am about my awesome home group and the way we welcome newcomers. It also made we want to read the 3rd tradition all over in every meeting.
  • I thought that the best interactive workshop I attended was on “How to create an interactive workshop”. It was truly interactive. The facilitators were awesome. Some of the workshops were supposed to be interactive but they were lecture and didn’t even include any handouts.
  • P3
  • I didn’t attend as many as I would have liked to attend. However the biggest thing I walked away with is the feeling that I too can make a difference that I can be a part of the bigger picture. For me that is huge
  • Advanced Website workshop. Our area is struggling in that department. I loved to hear about how other areas managed their sites.
  • I was pleased with all that I attended but I suppose the new communication methods intrigued me most.
  • The workshop on zones; because I was a part of it and it’s early in the morning and I’m tired and my brain hasn’t started working enough to make me want to think all that much!!
  • SSP Flexibility– showed different levels of applications and implementation and results. Also and more emotional and amazing it was seeing young people in service!
  • Other than the workshop I co-presented, I was in and out of most, having up to three workshops at any given time made it hard to focus on just one.
  • Men in Service Luncheon
  • Service System Project Flexibility
  • How to put on an interactive workshop
  • Every workshop I attended was well put together, thought out and very informative. My favorite was actually the one that I had a part in, the “why I serve” gratitude tree. It was all Cindy b. I just did what she told me too, but it was very emotional and very special. It turned into something neither of us expected.
  • The professionals’ workshop was my favorite. I am blessed to be both in recovery and a professional in the addiction field. It is imperative that our fellowship work in cooperation with professional’s to provide the best opportunities for those with this disease. I also believe that this type if cooperation provides an invaluable opportunity to educate.
  • I can’t say that I had a favorite one, they all were great and very informative. But with a region that is very slow to find members to serve, I found finding my niche to be very helpful. I’d love to share that and hopefully motivate others.
  • I loved the history workshop…I learned things I hadn’t heard before…Very interesting. Also the FD workshop/Skype…I enjoyed the utilization of digital media in the entire weekend.
  • The history of NA was super cool. I learned the most about service from the workshop on reporting or work at the various levels of service.
  • PR and H&I Because it was more about 5th tradition
  • Service System Flexibility — very germane to recent events in our region
  • NA history
  • History Presentation by Boyd and Chris
  • Facilitation – because it was my next job and making it more proficient is my passion.
  • Social media: opened my eyes to what is right and wrong!!
  • Tie between History and FD
  • SSP and CBDM both were informative and provided insight on things in changes in the fellowship and the groups responses to those changes
  • Pajama Roundtable – Inspiring Our Young People to Serve….Now that we are no longer the “young people” in NA it is important to me to listen and know how to inspire those who are the future of Narcotics Anonymous.
  • There are too many to call my favorite.
  • Fellowship Development. So great on every level. The use of the technology, the content. I would suggest getting a better screen. For a first attempt it was amazing!
  • P3 I had never heard of P3 and I was taken back not only of the simplicity of the concept but by the way it was created and the passion that surrounded this project. This is NA at its finest. Hope I can piggy back of this to help motivate my region to come together and unite.
  • My favorite workshop was the CBDM meeting.
  • Service System Workshop. Great ideas to bring home to my region.
  • OMG really? How can I choose!
  • Fellowship Development or the closing workshop Shows both how much we have accomplished as well as how far we have to go and just how much we can all teach each other. I loved the idea about regional sponsorship although I think that was Veronica that shared that snippet.
  • I really appreciated all the workshops that dealt with new technologies & how we could improve communication skills.
  • History workshop. Learned so much about the early days and their struggles. Gave me hope that we too will continue to reach still suffering addicts NO MATTER WHAT!
  • All PR, it was an expression of being innovative
  • Reporting tips for GSR, RCM, and RDs. Because it will give me a way to show how information is supposed to flow in the NA service. It is a two way street between all levels of service not just one way from world to the member which sometimes can be seen as world trying to tell the member what to do and how to do it. By sharing this with my Area and Home group we can demonstrate how it is usually a lack of information exchange that leads to most of our misunderstandings due to misinformation being given out by GSR, RCM, or RDs!
  • PR w/ Jeff R and Kristin D. I gained the most new and usable information from that workshop. The presenters were more prepared with handouts and PPT ready at the beginning of the workshop. It was well structured and at the same time flexible enough that we had some true God moments like the call to the help line in Jeff’s Area.
  • I enjoyed all I attended. But the one I am looking forward to offering in our region is Welcoming All Members.
  • Whew, toughie. Two: Behind the Walls Sponsorship – because it’s such an important hard-to-reach community of recovering addicts; Fellowship Development (EDM and APZ) – rethinking recovery communities.
  • CBDM
  • Do I have to choose one? NAWS workshops for info and SSP flexibility helped me to understand how to present to my region with flexibility. The History was fascinating
  • I liked the one about where NAWS was headed and the global update. It thrills me to see that we are concerned with ALL ADDICTS no matter where they are geographically. It was inspiring to see the lengths that others go to in order to seek our message.
  • PR presentation
  • Advanced Websites – I’m excited to learn what can be done with a website and how we can better use it as a tool to carry the message.
  • The NA history, it informed me with information that wasn’t available to me very easily. gave me facts instead of someone else’s perception of the facts
  • SSP Flexibility – How We Work It
  • BMLT, because it explained the capabilities of it.
  • Skype meeting because it opened members’ minds to the power of zones that are focused on Fellowship development. Something we need to do in the US by merging and repurposing the zones to revitalize the Fellowship and stimulate a resurgence of the growth of NA.
  • The “History of NA” presentation. The presenters were enthusiastic and animated, providing excellent background details beyond the slide information. GREAT JOB!!!!
  • NA history & service system project flexibility
  • the one on SSP because I learn more about it
  • Finding our niche. It helped to fan my flame for service.
  • Navigating NA.ORG, learned more things we could do on the site!!!
  • Planning a public Relationship Planning a Public Relations Presentation or Learning Day. Help carry our message & correct information to public
  • BMLT – I learned a lot in this workshop and our region will hopefully adopt this.
  • PR – Presentation- it was very well put together / prepared.
  • History, to learn about us. Needs to be offered at every MZSSNA
  • Possibilities of Zones Moving into the Future.
  • TRELLO! or PR What Is It & What About H &I? Jeff S (MN) & Jeff R (CA) were great presenter with über-helpful info!
  • SSP flexibility. Informative & well delivered…
  • Regional Helpline Consolidation. Huge need for more effective delivery of this service in my local area and region.
  • Literally EVERY SINGLE ONE!!
  • Finding your niche in recovery.
  • SSP flexibility: how we work
  • All of them were GREAT
  • Planning a public relations presentation or learning day.

Q9. Please add any additional comments or suggestions for improvement. Thank you.

  • Great job!
  • Thank you very much for the symposium. It was so perfect. I learned so much and I am truly grateful I attended.
  • Great job!
  • I liked the fact that I didn’t miss any workshops because they are all available on this site
  • I know the workgroup can’t dictate to zones so perhaps strongly suggesting they divert from the norm and continue on the momentum of what they learned at the symposium during their meetings at the end of the symposium rather than business as usual. It really let the air out of the balloon sitting in the zonal meetings as they went about their normal agenda instead of processing and forwarding the discussion that went on that weekend.
  • I have never experienced something like this, living in the Midwest & not having the financial resources to visit other large service oriented gatherings around the country. I am so grateful I was able to attend this MZSS. It refreshed & reinvigorated my spirit of service, which had been stagnant. Thank you, all, for the work you put into making this a reality. My spirit is alive, well, and is grateful for your service. 🙂 I hope, if our Regions will another MZSS, that it will remain centrally located so that as many members can attend as possible, rather than moving to Texas or one of those Dakotas. 😛
  • Loved it!! Can’t wait to do it again!
  • get all Zones participate, invite all Regions and Zones officially by certified letter or other traceable means
  • It might be nice to have a fourth track of personal recovery workshops, especially for newer members who can only take so much service learning before their heads start to explode.
  • Need to make sure that facilitators are not just subject matter experts. Being a subject matter expert does not mean that you are a good trainer. Keeping the room engaged and excited is not a talent that all subject matter experts (SMEs) can do. SMEs can help to create training material but people with some training experience need to present during the workshops. Also I am torn between this being once per year or once every two years.
  • Clean time countdown!
  • Excellent job, everyone!!
  • Thank you. It was well done! Tons of information and fellowship.
  • This would make a great off-conference year event.
  • Some of the workshops and presentations didn’t have enough papers to give everyone.
  • Great event! Please have more.
  • I wish there was a way to include the local community more in every event that we have.
  • One suggestion, from my perspective, would be to prioritize the information provided. By this I mean that in several of the workshops that there was so much fantastic information crammed into the session that some of it was lost because it was an overwhelming abundance in a short period of time.
  • The event was well planned and executed, though I felt there were too many workshops going on at the same time. Love the pajama roundtables!!
  • Networking with other addicts who serve NA was the greatest thing I did there.
  • What a boost to my pyramid!! Awesome…..I would suggest perhaps not quite so many workshops — with only myself (RDA) and our RD in attendance it was impossible to attend half of what we wished to. Thanks for your service!!! Invaluable information and experience.
  • This was an awesome event
  • None of these are my comments but were said to me and I thought I would post in my survey so they were hopefully recorded at least once. Registration trinkets (pen, notebook, etc…) Shorter history during PR presentation to professionals (don’t throw out just keep brief) More involvement from local fellowship (although present it seemed to be a minority of members) Find some way to engage them into the event.
  • Too many workshops not enough time to breath. More intense invitations to PR Presentation!
  • The history of NA was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!!!!
  • Great job by all. thanks to St. Louis for hosting
  • Thank You
  • maybe move any discussion on the hot topic of the day to first thing in the morning when minds are a little more clear and sharp
  • Had a great time. Heard a lot of great ideas. Talked about new opportunities that our area/region could do.
  • I think the heart after the conference is good. I think the year of the conference regions may be more strapped and world participants may be too busy to come…although this was a conference year so what the heck to I know. Lmao. Thanks for everything
  • I doubt there is much organizational improvement I can suggest. Without exaggeration, this was one of the best events I have ever attended of any kind. I would suggest though putting in a/the Multi-Zonal meeting in each event. Similar to what Saturday night was (and some of what it should have been). Something where every US zone at least and perhaps some non-US zones are all represented and are seated by zone and meeting with the topic of zonal collaboration / sharing / discussion / etc.
  • Reminder to explain Acronyms. Not everyone speaks the same language or has the same level of knowledge. This supports all-inclusive. Awesome – spirit felt – workable event! Much Gratitude!!
  • Was truly an awesome expression of service
  • Great job by the work group. I think in was a great demonstration of how technology can be used to serve the member!
  • I have a few suggestions but please do not take them as criticisms
    1. Facility
      • More restrooms in the areas where the workshops/meetings are taking place.
    2. Programming
      • More time in between each workshop to allow the presenters time to set up and make sure everything works.
      • Less going on at the same time. Two workshops at a time would have been plenty.
      • Longer time slots for the workshops, many had to end early or ran over into the next scheduled event.
      • More advanced topics, I heard several comments that this or that workshop was really basic. Maybe include a time slot on a topic for beginning service and run the same topic at the same time for advanced service.
    3. Logistics
      • Not so many things in one room as what was in the Skylight room. It was congested at times to the point that it was difficult to hear while registering or trying to get a presenter signed in.
    4. What was awesome?
      • The presenters were top notch. Great choices were made.
      • The program was lovely and for the most part, easy to follow.
      • The hotel was prepared for us and everyone was pleasant on both sides.
      • The local fellowship were so welcoming and lovely.
      • The workgroup wearing the yellow badges made it easy to recognize who to go to when someone needed something but didn’t add extra bulk to their badges.
      • Thanks for providing space for the zonal meetings to take place, increasing the likelihood that members from those regions would attend and bring their knowledge and insight.
      • The PI presentation on Friday was fabulous.
      • Thanks again for the many hours you all put in to completing the event and special Kudos to Amanda M. for the idea and the tenacity to see it through.
  • Wonder-full, inspiring, reinvigorating!
  • Every two years seems more practical. All the work that goes into this event might burn out people that are needed on other projects as well. Please make it a policy that Cindi can’t wear those hideous slippers again.
  • I am new to service, and I learned so much I can take back to my area and region. Being able to connect with others motivates and inspires me.
  • more garage shirts and maybe tie-dye Thank you all
  • I would like to have had a PDF version of the program. I used my phone as my program all weekend and it wasn’t very mobile friendly. Everything else was great.
  • thank you for a wonderful job
  • Just keep inviting all my friends…you know who they are 🙂
  • Perhaps have a little more time between workshops. I didn’t know that many people so I felt a little on the outside looking in. It was clearly geared more to the person who has a good understanding of service and wants to know more. I do feel it was an excellent benefit and opportunity for the people who do like to serve to network and gain more information. I probably wouldn’t bring anyone new.
  • I would like to do a workshop on how to network with and present to helping community professionals in order to cultivate effective and collaborative relationships that further our primary purpose.
  • Try to not have the same presenter for more than one workshop. Ensure that multiple presenters for the same workshop understand their responsibility to share the time. Encourage all of the presenters to talk ahead of time to ensure a smooth agenda for their workshop.
  • I would suggest that if we can do this again, to leave it in a central location such as St. Louis. Thank you to the work group!
  • Lots of great workshops, very informative weekend, met lots of. New people!!! I Feel Recharged! !!!
  • Please keep NAWS involved.
  • Registration packet (Pen, Note Pad, etc.). Staggered workshops. Local participation day or event.
  • Loved it! Thank you!
  • Invite MORE ZF’s to participate in future MZSS’s…
  • Love you all xxxooo
  • Great committee members
  • Thank you!!!!
  • Cut down on the number workshops per hour or add another day.
  • Please add workshop about the zones and what they are doing and how and where.
2014 Attendee Map